Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Apple Pie?

I used to be Britney's biggest fan. She was hot! I kept a folder with all of her best pics for easy access in order to admire her beauty and stardom. The pics would even rotate as my wallpaper on my laptop. Jose, T-bone and myself were hanging out at T-bone's place one fine afternoon and the making of her latest video (at the time) came on MTV. The video was "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman". Damn she was looking fine and nobody disagreed about that. I looked over at my buds, took a drag of my cigarette and said, "I bet her box tastes like apple pie". And I bet it did - then. Fast-forward to today and that same box has seen more traffic than the Lincoln Tunnel, and it's been splashed all over the Internet like it has a mind of its own. Apple pie, or rotten apples? Needless-to-say, my lust for that psychopath is out the window, along with my brilliant idea to manufacture little novelty Britney dolls with a string on the back that when you pull it, she says, "my box tastes like apple pie"...


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